User Guide

You will find here a list of articles that make the GEDIS Studio Online user's guide.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 30 September 2014 17:46)


workspaceA workspace is a storage location on the server for projects, generators and data files. The workspace manager helps to access both the user's private workspace and the shared workspaces.


Data Generation Project

Generation ProjectA test data generation project groups all the generators and file generation batches for a same project. A project may also defines global value for parameters.


Data Generator

Data GeneratorA data generator is a collection of fields organized into a tree structure. Each field is associated to a generation rule and when the generation rule accepts inputs from other fields these are children in the tree structure.


Dataset Generation

File Generation BatchGEDIS Studio controls dataset production using batches made of files. Each file has its own generators and can be formatted in various ways (XML, CSV, etc.). Parameters plays a major role in dataset generation and are explained here.


Generated Data File

In GEDIS Studio a data file (or batch item) is an object where you define which generators to use and how to build records from the fields of the selected generators.


File Viewers

fileviewerGEDIS Studio provides file viewers that download only an excerpt of the generated or reference data file. Various viewers are available depending on the file type (CSV, Text, XML, etc.)


Output Formatters

To enforce reusability of your test data assets, GEDIS Studio distinguishes the design of the generators and the production of datasets from those generators. Production of datasets is controlled with Output Formatters.


Generation Control

The generation of a file in a batch is performed on the remote server. In the configuration panel of the file you generate you'll found the launch button and a tab named "server output" where is echoed the response of the generator.