cart-demoShopping Cart Generator

GEDIS Studio is a general purpose data generation environment and depending on your business domain and system under test you have to design your own generator and produce test data.

A regular usage of GEDIS Studio is for producing customers' events such as services or goods purchases.

We have designed for our customers in retail and eCommerce verticals data generator to produce massive amount of shopping carts, purchase order, invoices,...

The basic behaviour of those generators is to combine 3 type of information:

  1. A dataset of customers each featuring personal data and business data such as category (new customer, regular customer, gold customer, premium)
  2. A dataset of items a customer can buy, each item having its own price, category, sub category, weight, expiration date, etc.
  3. A set of purchasing profiles each describing the type of purchases a given customer would do into a time frame (with global amount, items category, etc.)

Then the purpose of the generator is to combine those data to produce for each filtered customer a set of purchase orders, invoices, whatever, based on the instantiation of a profile with the item dataset available.

So, first you define a rule to associate each customer to one or more purchasing profile. This can be done considering one or multiple customer attributes such as its category, its age, its location, etc.

Each profile describe the number of purchase in a time frame and for each purchase the quality of items, type of items, global amount, etc. The generator then instanciate profiles for each customer by producing a shopping cart with detailed items, quantity, total amount and weight and etc

Finaly, the generator collects detailled data and reformat them in order to produce data to be used in the tested system. For example, it can produce SQL file for injecting data into a database or produce XML file each for a shoping cart to be sent to an WebService API to submit a purchase.

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