Constant Text Generator

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The constant text generator is a rule used to produce static text for a field. The same initial value is repeated for each generated record.


Any plain, possibly multilines, UTF-8 text can be used for the constant. If the text contains special characters such as '\n', '\r' and '\t', thoose will be produced as ASCII code in the generated data.

Use of parameters

The use of parameters in the constant text is allowed and each referenced parameter will be replaced by its value during the initilization of the generation.

For example, if your constant field refers to the parameter PARAM and the file defines the parameter PARAM to "foo" and then you have a field with an expression that changes the value of PARAM to "bar" then the value produced by your constant field will be "foo", not the changed value "bar".

Use of expressions

The text can contain an expression, but the text will remain unevaluated. For example, if the parameter NAME value is "John" and your static text is

"Hello %(NAME)% I have " DEC(2) " apples."

In that case, only parameters will be evaluated and produced value will be

"Hello John I have " DEC(2) " apples." 
"Hello John I have " DEC(2) " apples."
"Hello John I have " DEC(2) " apples."

See also

If you want the expressions to be evaluated, you should use the Expression rule instead.

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