RIB - Releve d'Identite Bancaire

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A RIB is a French number uniquely identifying a customer bank account in a branch. It is very similar to the international bank account IBAN in that an IBAN is made of a international code of 4 digits anf a the RIB.

RIB Releve d'Identite Bancaire

A RIB is made of 4 parts : 

  • The Bank Code (5 digits),
  • The Branch / Office Code (5 digits)
  • The Customer Account Code (11 digits)
  • A verification code, the RIB key (2 digits)

The generation rule producing the RIB will collect and append all parts from distinct sources and computes the verification code.

RIB Generator


Notice that the only validation rules implemented are the related to the size of the values used from the source (5, 5 and 11). To generate more realistic RIB you can use your own bank and associated branch codes. You can also reuse some we provide in the banking shared data.

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