GEDIS Studio : Generate Test Data Online

GEDIS Studio test data generator is available online to generate test data without having to install any application on your computer. Right from you internet navigator you can freely register your account and start with GEDIS Studio.

online test data generator

A Free Test Data Generator available Online

Registering for GEDIS Studio Online data generator provides you with a private workspace on our servers for using the most advanced and powerful test data generator available today.

We also provide sample projects and reference data you can import into your workspace to learn how to design your own generators.

All you need to manage your projects and generate your data is a Web browser. Your workspace is available anytime from anywhere and you can even request a shared workspace for your company to generate data and share your projects with only a subset of registered users, making a community around you.

Start to generate test data in just five easy steps

1) Register for a Free Account

All you need to get started is a (long term) valid email address. Registering is free and enables you to create your private workspace to access the GEDIS Studio Online generator application itself and the shared components (projects, generator, reference data file).

2) Watch the Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials will help you get started with GEDIS Studio Online generator. We strongly recommend you start here, just to get to grips with the basics of how to generate test data with GEDIS Studio.

3) Contact us for an online chat

We have trained complete newcomers – the majority business domain specialists, not developers – to generate test data. If you feel uncomfortable with your first hands on GEDIS Studio Online generator experience, simply call us using the live chat or mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to arrange webminar.

4) Import a sample project

The shared components will accelerate your learning curve and make you operational and productive faster. So choose one of the projects available in the shared area of your workspace manager and import it, start by just producing data from the provided configurations, and then play with the parameters, the generators, the field generation rules and more...

5) You're ready!

Once you are happy with your evaluation, order an account to unlock data storage capacity or have your own dedicated server.