Generate realistic test data with GEDIS Studio

GEDIS Studio : the online test data generator

GEDIS Studio is a free generator for test data available online and providing unique features to produce realistic datasets by combining more than 30 generation rules.

You can control distribution of values in columns and correlation of values between columns of a same record or between successive records in your datasets.

video 48x48Watch our youtube video for a quick overview on producing test data with GEDIS Studio.


GEDIS Studio is full featured for designing your generators and for organizing the production of your generated data. It is successfully used to produce large datasets exposing advanced profiles of behavior of your data. It is the perfect companion for realistic testing and big data simulation.

Test Data Generator GEDIS Studio

We provide reference sample data files and sample data generators such as:

We have specialized in test data management and data generation since 2004, for software edition, domain specific customization and test data management consulting.