Why use a test data generator

Realistic test data generation

Testing applications requires access to realistic test data on demand. Using extraction based solutions for producing test data can present numerous difficulties: having access to enough production data, undertaking data masking for sensitive data without losing realism, and carrying out reverse engineering to locate and de-duplicate the data required for your test cases.

GEDIS Studio is a test data generation solution intended to complete your test and development environments. The major advantages of the GEDIS Studio test data generator over its competitors are:

  • Its unrivalled ability to produce realistic data,
  • Demographic control over the generated data,
  • Productivity tools for viewing and analyzing generated data,
  • Its free output format ,for producing CSV, HTM, XML, SQL, etc.

GEDIS Studio is more than just a data generator, it is a full featured environment suitable to:

Populate your databases with realistic data

  • Initialize your databases without relying on production data,
  • Achieve full control of the realism in your test environments,
  • Automate fast and on-demand data production,
  • Produce directly import format or SQL transactions for all major RDMS:
    • Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SAP, Postgres,...

Extend your test coverage by

  • Feeding your automation scripts with unlimited data,
  • Keeping combination proliferation under control,
  • Get unlimited data for your unit, functional and load tests,
  • Implement true data driven testing (QuickTest Pro, TestPartner or Selenium)

Keep your sensitive production data unrevealed

  • Use data masking with realistic and controlled data,
  • Complement extraction based data production tools such as Optim or File-Aid.

Want to know more?

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