Generate realistic test data with GEDIS Studio

GEDIS Studio online test data generator

Create a realistic dataset for system testing

GEDIS Studio is an online generator for test data providing unique features to produce realistic data. You can control distribution of values in columns and ensure appropriate correlation of values between columns of a same record or between successive records.

All the control over the generated data is achieved without any piece of programming code from users. It just works by selecting among the dozen of basic generation rules and plug them together to build a generator.

We provide reference sample data files and sample data generators such as:


video 48x48Watch our
for a quick overview producing test data with GEDIS Studio.

Benefits from high quality sample and dummy Data

Because producing test data cannot be reduced to putting together columns of values from reference data lists, our dataset generator engine is designed to enforce both probability distribution and correlated values. Dummy data generation is a key component of test data management, since it allows you to produce sample data without relying on live production data. GEDIS Studio offers added value by producing both the quality and quantity of data you need for system testing, while safeguarding sensitive business and customer data.

A cost-effective professional test data generation tool

At less than $100 a month, including hosting on our servers, GEDIS Studio is a cost-effective complement to or replacement for other expensive test data management tools such as Optim, File-Aid or Grid-Tools.

GEDIS Studio: an online, on-demand application

Our Web2 platform offers on-demand access: rent an account for a month, pay for what you need, when you need it, and access your account from anywhere!

Discover Sample Projects and Datasets

Your registered account offers a private workspace to save your generators and datasets, plus access to numerous and growing sample data lists and preconfigured projects. You can even ask us for domain / problem specific generators.


Getting Started with GEDIS Studio


  1. Discover the basics with our video tutorials,
  2. Register an evaluation account,
  3. Play with our sample projects and make your changes
  4. Order a regular account or ask us for services

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